Identity, Beauty, and Fear…oh my!

wires from warehouse

wires from warehouse

Trying to bring together identity, hidden beauty, and fear into one tangible product seemed difficult at first, but the more I thought about the problem, the more I was able to understand that they are all connected.  Identity plays a role in what you see as beauty and how you experience fear.  Fear can help shape one’s identity and push them towards what they find as beauty.  And, beauty is determined by someone’s identity and is often the opposite of their fears.

My original concept for hidden beauty was something that I experience at work every day, but don’t realize.  This is the structure and connections that are hidden from view, but provide power or electricity or water to different places in our building.  For this, I took some images of the things that hide above the drop ceiling or in our warehouse.


tomatoes on a shelf

For identity, I happened across this scene while grocery shopping.  (I promise I didn’t set this up.)  It shows a tomato on the shelf where the canned tomatoes go.

I think this is a perfect example of how you can be the same basic thing as someone else, take brothers or classmates, but in reality be vastly different.  In this case, the tomatoes in the cans were both “born” with a destiny to become a canned tomato, but also had to go through the process of getting canned to get there.  As for the fresh tomato, it had a different journey and yet still arrived on the same shelf.


fog on cornfield

Finally, the fear part was something I was struggling with in finding something to show.  But then, Monday morning happend.  I was driving to work and when I got close to my office, the fog started getting thick.  So thick, that I had to slow my car down to ensure I would not run into someone in front of me.  The simple fact that I couldn’t not see very far in front of me, caused me to react to the fear of the unknown.  When I arrived at work, I walked to the field next to the office and snapped this image.  I see this view out my window every day, but with the fog so thick this day, I truly didn’t know what was hiding behind the fog.  It could have been anything.


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